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Semi-Rigid Annuloplasty Ring and Method of Manufacturing



Annuloplasty prosthesis device (1), which is suitable for remodeling a native annulus (2), comprises a body having the shape of at least one ring portion defining a longitudinal direction, coinciding with or locally parallel to the longitudinal development direction of said body; said portion (5) being opposite to said first arcuate section (4), and the body comprises a first arcuate section (4) and at least a second segment (5); said first arcuate section (4) is flexible in a first direction, locally transverse to the longitudinal direction, so as to be deformable under flexion along said first direction; said first arcuate section (4) defines a plane of storage substantially parallel both to the longitudinal direction and to the first direction; said at least a second section (5) is rigid under flexion in said plane of storage (XY); said second section (5) is flexible in a second direction (ZZ), transverse to the plane of storage, so as to be deformable under flexion along said second direction.


Gaetano Burriesci, PhD

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