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Proteomics Platform


Dr Scilabra has established a state-of-the-art proteomic platform, comprising a facility for LC-MS/MS analysis and a full-equipped laboratory for biochemistry and molecular biology for validation of proteomic data.

  • Proteomic Facility. The facility is equipped with a Vanquish Neo UHPLC System connected to an Exploris 480 mass-spectrometer, and an Ultimate 3000 HPLC connected online with a Q-Exactive Orbitrap mass-spectrometer. These instruments, together with suitable software and powerful informatic resources, allow MS/MS analysis for high-resolution quantitative proteomics. Filter-aided sample processing (FASP) is mostly used to digest complex protein samples for the MS/MS analysis. The lab uses either data-dependent acquisition (DDA) or data-independent acquisition (DIA) for detection of tryptic peptides and label-free quantification (LFQ) for assessing their relative abundance.
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The laboratory is fully equipped for biochemistry and molecular biology. It comprises, among others, a Transblot Turbo transfer system and a ChemiDoc Imager from Biorad for immunoblotting, a FACSCanto flow cytometer from BD Biosciences and StepOnePlus™ Real Time System from Thermo Fisher for real-time quantitative PCR and a Spark Multimode microplate reader (from Tecan). These instruments allow performing shedding assays of endogenous and recombinant transmembrane proteins and validating proteomic datasets for projects of any size.
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