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Laura Modica de Mohac, PhD
Post Doctoral Researcher - Expert in Bioprocessing

Biographical notes

Dr. Laura Modica de Mohac is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at RiMED Foundation and a Pharmacist. After graduating in Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy (2016), Dr. Laura obtained a PhD in collaboration between the University of Palermo and King’s College London where she developed drug-controlled release systems for treatment-resistant schizophrenia (2020).

While working as a Teaching Fellow in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics, and Bio-Pharmaceutics at King’s College London, she got recognized as an Associate Fellow from the Higher Education Academy (2021). Since 2021, she is Guest Editor for the Special Issue “Advance in Development of Patient-Centric Dosage Form” within the MDPI – Pharmaceutics Journal (Impact Factor 6.525).

Scientific activity

Dr. Laura’s project is focused on a bio-fabrication processing to produce a bi-layered bio-hybrid patch to improve cardiac function and reduce maladaptive remodeling after myocardial infarction. Within her current role, she collaborates with a clinic and engineering team to produce a new generation medical device for cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal tissue engineering. Currently, Dr. Laura is collaborating with three international partners located in the United States of America, Japan and Argentina and two projects in collaboration with the University of Palermo.

Her skills include: physical-chemical characterization (differential scanning calorimetry, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy), decellularization protocols (whole heart decellularization, heart valve, and small intestinal submucosa), bioprocessing techniques (electrospinning, TIPS), polymer synthesis, image analysis and processing (Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM, optical microscopy).


Comparative Assessment of Prosthetic Biomaterials for Cardiac Applications
Danila Vella, PhD †, Parnaz Boodagh †, Laura Modica De Mohac, PhD , Sang-Ho Ye , Federica Cosentino, PhD , Federica Scaglione , William Wagner , Antonio D'Amore, Ph.D. , Gaetano Burriesci, PhD
Proceedings of the 9th World Congress on Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems and Sciences (EECSS’23), ICBES 137, 2023. DOI: 10.11159/icbes23.137
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