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Research that creates value

The research activity of Ri.MED is strongly patient oriented, but in order to ensure that scientific results meet clinical needs, it is necessary to correctly manage the intellectual property generated by our researchers as well as the process of technology transfer which derives from it. From the laboratories, inventions are translated into patents and then into new solutions for the patients.

The protection of intellectual property is a fundamental value for Ri.MED to develop an innovative model of research sustainability. For this reason, Ri.MED has set up an IP&TT (Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer) Office to support, promote, and foster the progress of translational research through the enhancement of its application effects: patenting, patent licensing, industrial sponsorship, and creation of technological spin-offs.

Below is the Patent Portfolio of the Ri.MED Foundation. (This section is being updated)

Patent portfolio up to 07.02.2024

Prosthesis Delivery System

Abstract A prosthesis delivery system comprises a sheath defining an axial direction; at least one tether movable axially relative to the sheath; and a holder movable axially within the sheath, config
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