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A center for connecting people and skills

The Center for Biotechnology and Biomedical Research (BRBC), a 25,000 square meter building, will be built in Carini, a few kilometers from Palermo airport. The BRBC will allow Sicily to take a leading position in the development of new generation drugs, vaccines and medical devices, attracting leading researchers to Palermo and keeping the best Italian doctors and scientists in our country.

The BRBC will employ principal investigators (up to 50, leaders of the various research teams), researchers, technicians, fellows, fellows, administrators, assistants, animal management personnel, service personnel, IT engineers etc.

The center will represent a management model of public-private partnership, capable of communicating with universities and research institutions on the one hand and with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on the other, capable of developing strategic alliances and attracting funding and investments for scientific research. . For this reason, it will also host a business incubator, where small companies, spin-offs and startups in the sector will be able to find space and strength, thus able to overcome the information asymmetries between research and the potential market, with considerable positive effects on the entire Sicilian economy.

The winning project of the design competition

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