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Nurturing new talents

Ri.MED puts great effort into training highly-qualified staff, recognizing their decisive role in the successful outcome of scientific challenges, and for the competitiveness and development of the whole territory. To date, Ri.MED has activated training programs including dozen of traineeships, scholarships, PhD and Post-Doc fellowships: a trend destined to increase in view of the creation of the Biomedical Research and Biotechnology Center (BRBC).

Some of these programs were made possible thanks to the partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, which has already hosted 18 postdocs as part of the Ri.MED Fellowship. Numerous training programs were activated in the scope of projects funded by European, Italian and regional grants. Ri.MED also periodically activates corporate training courses for its employees.

The Ri.MED Foundation promotes the offer of curricular internships for university students and extracurricular internships for graduates not more than 12 months or for graduates over 12 months unemployed or unemployed. The internship can take place in the different areas in which the Foundation operates (both research and administration) and contributes to individual training. It is aimed at making the working reality known and to acquire the application elements of a specific professional activity.

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Internship request

CURRICULAR INTERNSHIP students enrolled in Bachelor, Master and other post-graduate courses. It has training purposes and takes place within a university education course, during which the trainee maintains the qualification of university student, doctoral student, postgraduate. The duration of the internship is proportionate to the number of ECTS provided for in the study plan but up to a maximum of 12 months.

EXTRACURRICULAR INTERNSHIP: It is a period of practical training in the company, which generally takes place in the transition phase between study and work and carried out by graduates who have completed their studies. This type of internship requires the Host Organisation to pay an indemnity for participation in accordance with the relevant regional regulations

The extracurricular internship can be:

  • Training and guidance: aimed at candidates who have applied up to 12 months from graduation and it can last no more than 12 months, extensions included.
  • Job placement or reintegration: aimed at unemployed or unoccupied candidates who have applied up to 12 months from graduation and it can last no more than 12 months, extensions included. For disabled candidates, it can last no more than 24 months, including extensions.
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