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From research to treatment

Ri.MED Foundation’s mission is to translate biotechnology and biomedical research into improved therapies for patients.
Translational research is focused on the complementary integration of resources and skills of different matrices: basic research, preclinical research and development of new therapies, medical devices and biomarkers, and finally clinical trials. Thanks to the commitment of the founding partners (especially the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC), and to the strategic partnership with the Palermo-based IRCCS ISMETT, the Foundation has been able to develop truly translational research programs and facilitate the training of young Italian biomedical scientists.

Ri.MED now has a diversified and balanced project portfolio, led by a multidisciplinary team with clear milestones related to product development objectives from a bench to bedside perspective.

Ri.MED translational research approaches are based on three main matrices: tissue engineering and bioengineering, drug discovery and immunotherapies and regenerative medicine. The Foundation is also committed to the development of novel immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and other diseases, and to limit rejection in patients receiving organ transplants.

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