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The Italian government has made a significant economic investment for the construction of the Center for Biotechnologies and Biomedical Research of the Ri.MED Foundation. An investment in research, innovation and development in the biotechnology sector, aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens and economic growth.

The Sicilian Region has made available the land located in Carini, in the province of Palermo, on which the Ri.MED Foundation Center for Biotechnologies and Biomedical Research will be built. A few kilometers from the airport and perfectly connected to the motorway and railway network, the center will bring enormous benefits to the territory, in economic terms of employment and related activities, and in social terms, as a pole of attraction for the best scientific minds, reversing the phenomenon of “brain drain”.

The most important Italian public research body has the task of carrying out, promoting, disseminating, transferring and enhancing scientific and technological research activities in the main sectors of knowledge development and their applications for scientific and technological, economic and social development.

The University of Pittsburgh is a leader in biomedical research and public health promotion and is among the top 10 institutions for funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The University of Pittsburgh promotes Ri.MED research in the U.S.A. and in Europe, by fostering joint research programs and working to attract private investors that allow the commercialization of scientific research products as an instrument of local social and economic progress.

Present on three continents, UPMC is an integrated healthcare company with over 20 academic, community and specialty hospitals. It operates in the health care sector, biomedical research, telemedicine and in general all IT development and consultancy activities in the sectors directly or indirectly connected to the institutional ones of medicine and research. The US partners will ensure the scientific direction of the Foundation and the ordinary management of the activities of the unborn Center for Biotechnology and Biomedical Research.

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