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Ri.MED Symposium 2011 “Priming the therapeutic pipeline: new strategies for drug discovery”

Ri.MED Foundation organizes every year a Scientific Symposium, centered on subjects in the 8 research fields of interest, in which Ri.MED researchers and keynote speakers show their scientific results.  Each edition of the event raises attention from the scientific community and from the press.

The 5th edition of the annual scientific Ri.MED Symposium “Priming the therapeutic pipeline: new strategies for drug discovery” took place on October 24, 2011 in Palermo, Fondazione Banco di Sicilia.

Here is the program:

Conference registration

Paolo Pucci di Benischi, Bruno Gridelli

Welcome and Introduction

Arthur S. Levine

Introduction to Symposium Theme

Alberto Mantovani

 “Regulatory Pathways of Innate Immunity and Inflammation”

Valentina Di Caro

“Dendritic Cell and B Regulatory Cell Crosstalk:

Understanding a New Regulatory Network To Develop Novel Immunotherapy”

Pier Giulo Conaldi

“Immmunotherapeutic Strategies in the Management of Transplantation-

Related Viral Infections”


  1. Lansing Taylor

“The Role of Systems nBiology in Drug Discovery”

Antonella Cusimano

“Non-Canonical Wnt Signaling during Liver Regeneration”

Satdarshan P.S. (Paul)  Monga

“Personalized Medicine in Hepatocellular Carcinoma:  A Wnt/Beta-Catenin Perspective”

Giovanna Frazziano

“Nox-Dependent Mechanisms of Cardiomyocyte Dysfunction in a Model of Pressure Overload”

Patrick J. Pagano

“Janus Faces of Nox, Glimpses Past and Future”


Nancy E. Davidson:

 “Tailoring Cancer Therapy in the Molecular Age”

Roberto DiMaio 

“Neuronal Oxidative Injury in the Development of the Epileptic Disease: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies for Novel Therapeutic Approaches”

  1. Timothy Greenamyre

“Neuronal Oxidative Injury in Parkinson’s Disease: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies”


Jeremy M. Berg

“The Shape of Things to Come:  Structural Biology and Drug Development”

Antonio D’Amore and William R. Wagner, PhD

“Scaffold Design To Prime Soft Tissue Regeneration and Replacement”

Panayiotis (Takis) Benos

“The Importance of Being microRNA: From Disease Markers and Gene Network Regulators to Therapeutic Agents”

Claudia Coronnello

“CoMir: A New Efficient Tool for Predicting Multiple miRNA Targets”

Arthur S. Levine

Symposium Closure

The 5th Ri.MED Symposium – as well as previous editions – reserves to the participants the opportunity to attend a preview presentation of important scientific results, not yet disclosed.

We thank all participants for their contribution to the success of this important occasion of exchange and scientific divulgation.

Program (download)


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