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With the goal of improving scientific knowledge in the field of biotechnology and training staff with specific skills in this area, since 2007 the Ri.MED Foundation has been offering research fellowships to young post doc biomedical researchers. The fellowships involve a special period of training and research at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Ri.MED fellows in Pittsburgh are currently pursuing their research on original projects that they have submitted to their research teams.

All fellows have Ri.MED funds to purchase the reagents and equipment required for their research programs and also additional funds for continuous training. In addition to their scientific activity, researchers have access to special Scientific Management and Leadership courses that help their career development. Fellows have the opportunity to spend an additional period of training in another institution of excellence in Italy or in Europe. The Ri.MED fellows will be the first group of researchers to work at the Biomedical Research and Biotechnology Center (BRBC) scheduled to open in 2016.


The Ri.MED fellows have achieved important results with their research projects, they have given several talks and poster presentations and written scientific articles published by the most prestigious international journals.

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